Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, Ferrus Workshops specialises in a wide range of creative miniature and physical manufacturing based services.


I work from the earliest stages of research and analysis to conceptual design through to manufacture, finishing and final delivery. I use a combination of traditional model making techniques through to the latest technology and equipment including laser cutting, 3D modelling and rapid-prototyping.



Some examples of what I do:

Custom-built miniatures - Model railway structures, historical dioramas, architectural display pieces, miniature film sets; From a massive fortress to a small wooden hut, and pretty much anything in between; in any scale.

Conversions and custom sculpting - Gaming figures or larger scales, vehicles, designer toys, design maquettes etc;

Dioramas & display models - Fantasy, Historical, Science Fiction, Architectural, Landscape, Wargaming, etc;

Commission miniature painting - for gaming or display, in any scale, single miniatures and small squads to a high level of finish. Sorry, I don't do commission painting of wargaming armies anymore.

Concept art - hand drawn sketches, digital illustrations and concepts.

Photography - landscape and creative. Also HD digital video as part of promotion, short film and idea development.


For examples of my past work, both commission and personal, visit the galleries.




If you want something specific made, get in touch and let me know (even if it sounds crazy), there's a good chance I can probably help. I pride myself on quality, and being good value for money.

If you want a quote or have any questions or comments, please email.

I’ll do my best to cater to your needs.

Enjoy your visit!